About Us

About Us

Safa Marwa uniform company has grown to become the most trusted garment decoration specialist in the Lahore. Quite simply, we know what we are doing in school garments. In 2000 we are bringing this expertise in providing school uniform to schools and parents for the first time. We are unrivalled in our reputation for technical expertise in any type of badging onto any type of fabric. All of our work is carried out in-house allowing us complete control over all the processes involved, including rigorous quality inspection prior to orders being despatched.

Here at Safa Marwa Uniforms our main aim is to provide excellent service & quality. The whole ethos with us is focused on operating in a way that ensures that the needs and expectations of all our customers, parents and schools, are fully met in a manner that is second to none. We care deeply that every school uniform order should go out on time, and be of the best quality. We want you to be able to say that, in dealing with us, you get what you want, when you want it.


Contact details:


Factory:  2nd floor Madina Market  Dhani Raam, Road New Anarkali Lahore.

Shop: Tana Bana tower first floor Shop Number #1, Fiaz road new Anarkali  Lahore.

Telephone: +92-0423-7353503




Haji Muhammad Abbas (Chairman)

Aftab Hussain (Managing director)

Nabil Abbas (chief executive officer)

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality uniform garment and one stop services (Apparel Sampling, Patterning, Grading and Development) to satisfy our client’s needs through a range of efficient, effective manufacturing activities and delivered on a holistic basis.

Our Commitments:

  • 1. We are committed to offer comprehensive ad client-centered products to meet the specific needs of our clients.
  • 2. We are committed to provide top quality products to our clients.
  • 3. We are committed to deliver the products on a prompt basis.
  • 4. We are committed to keep clients informed about our new technologies and innovations.
  • 5. We are committed to Total Quality Management process and always strive to exceed our client’s expectation.